This post will provide step-by-step guidance to set up Eclipse with Websphere Server (Liberty).

Websphere is a very common application server used in software industry. For a very long Websphere was licensed but IBM recently released a free version that can be used for developers for development purposes (Click Here to know about restrictions on license).

Note: Below screen shots are for windows 64-bit version. Please act accordingly for 32-bit versions.

Step 1: Download Websphere Liberty (Developer Version)

Click Here to download Websphere Liberty.

Wesbphere free liberty download

Once downloaded, extract the server to D:\Software\Websphere. You will see following structure after the extract is complete in D:\Software\Websphere\wlp.

Websphere Liberty free download

Step 2: Download Eclipse

Click Here to download Eclipse. For this guide, I am downloading Eclipse Mars. But you can download anything that is compatible with Java version you downloaded.


Once downloaded extract contents to D:\Software.  You will see following structure after download is complete.



Step 3: Download Websphere developer tools for Eclipse

Click Here to open IBM site to download websphere tools for Eclipse.

Websphere tools for eclipse

Drag and drop the highlighted part into Eclipse and it should guide you through the process to download the Websphere tools.

Step 4: Setup Server Configuration in Eclipse

Open Eclipse and Open Server View (Window -> Show View -> Servers)

Right Click New -> Server


Select “Websphere Application Server Liberty”.
Eclipse Websphere Setup

Click on Next

Eclipse Websphere server setup

Click on Finish when Done.

Now start the server by clicking on start button and you will see that server has started successfully.

Eclipse Websphere Liberty Start

Eclipse Websphere Liberty start console

Hope this Set up process was helpful. Please use the comment section if you face any issues setting up and I will help  you as soon as I can.