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Step by Step guide to configure AngularJs, Spring MVC in Eclipse with Tomcat Server

This post is a step by step guide to configure AngularJs with Spring-MVC. I am using Eclipse (Mars Edition) and Apache Tomcat for this tutorial. Also I am using Maven for build automation. If you are beginner or if you have not yet configured your workspace then I recommend these links…
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Apache POI: Example to create excel with styling and formula

Apache POI: Example - 2 This is a real world example to create excel for a sample Expense sheet. Also part of this example are styling, cell merging and formula implementation. Dependencies Before we get started we need to download the POI jars that are needed. Add below dependency to…
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Apache POI: Create Excel with various cell values (Dates, Strings, Numeric) and Wrapping text

Apache POI: Example - 1 This is an example for basic functions to create Excel. This example shows creating sheets, rows and cells with values. Values with various data types are assigned to cells. Also shown is date styling. Dependencies Before we get started we need to download the POI…
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Step by Step guide – REST Service using JAX-RS and jackson serializer

This post is a step by step guide for a REST Service using JAX-RS and jackson serializer. I am using Eclipse (Mars Edition), Apache Tomcat and Maven for build automation. This post is an advanced version and in few ways continuation of Basic Guide for REST Service that I posted earlier. Apache Wink…
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Building RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS – Annotations

Let's take a look at annotations that are used to build RESTful services. Based on the implementation framework that you are using, there might be many annotations. In this post we will discuss annotations that are supported by JAX-RS specs only. @Path @Path annotation identifies URI Path template Can be used…
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