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Step by Step guide to setup Eclipse with Websphere Liberty (Developer version)

This post will provide step-by-step guidance to set up Eclipse with Websphere Server (Liberty). Websphere is a very common application server used in software industry. For a very long Websphere was licensed but IBM recently released a free version that can be used for developers for development purposes (Click Here…
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Apache POI: Example to create excel with styling and formula

Apache POI: Example - 2 This is a real world example to create excel for a sample Expense sheet. Also part of this example are styling, cell merging and formula implementation. Dependencies Before we get started we need to download the POI jars that are needed. Add below dependency to…
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Apache POI: Create Excel with various cell values (Dates, Strings, Numeric) and Wrapping text

Apache POI: Example - 1 This is an example for basic functions to create Excel. This example shows creating sheets, rows and cells with values. Values with various data types are assigned to cells. Also shown is date styling. Dependencies Before we get started we need to download the POI…
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Step by Step guide – Hello World Java (Command Prompt)

This post is a step by step guide for Hello world Java program using command prompt. Note: Below screen shots are for windows 64-bit version. Please act accordingly for 32-bit versions. Step-1: Download Java. Click Here to download Java 7 SDK. You will see that there are two folder created…
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Java Set with examples

Set is a collection that cannot contain duplicate elements. Two sets are equal if they contain the same elements. There are three implementations of Set HashSet: Stores elements in hash table and is the best performing implementation. Order in iteration is not maintained. TreeSet: Stores elements in red-black tree is…
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Java Map with examples

Map is an object that maps keys to values. A map cannot contain duplicate keys. Java platform contains three general-purpose Map implementations HashMap: Stores elements in hash table. Order of iteration is not maintained. TreeMap: Orders elements based on their values LinkedHashMap: Orders elements based on the order in which…
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